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The Vigna unguiculata Gene Expression Atlas (VuGEA) Project
Gene Chip


Vigna unguiculata (commonly named as black-eyed pea, cowpea, niebe, southern pea or lobia) is one of the most important food and forage legumes in the semi-arid tropics and a valuable and dependable commodity for poor subsistence farmers. Despite its economic and social importance in the developing world, cowpea has received relatively little attention from a research standpoint and remains to a large extent an underexploited crop.

To aid in determining the functions of each individual gene, we have developed a gene expression atlas covering major organ systems (e.g. leaves, stem, roots, flowers, seeds and seed pods) with a detailed developmental time-series for seeds and pod walls, using de novo assembly of RNA-seq data. In the future, these data are expected to be extended to other tissues, as well as data from plants subjected to various stress conditions. In combination with the Medicago and lotus Gene Expression Atlases, we anticipate that these data will aid gene function discovery and molecular breeding efforts in legumes.

The service provided here allows the user to identify and analyze the expression of one or more genes of interest, using ID identification number, gene sequence, gene annotation information (such as gene ID, keyword and GO term) as input query. The user may further study gene expression profiles based on co-expression analysis and differential expression analysis. The user may also directly download the whole dataset organized by experiments. Data output can be selected by the user and is provided in a tabular form compatible with common analytical and visualization software.

This service is under development to extend the range of data and processing options, and we welcome suggestions for additional services that could be provided to improve data mining and knowledge generation.

This project was supported by the Shanghai center for Plant Stress Biology (SIBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.


For overall questions and collaboration opportunities, please contact Dr Jerome Verdier (Shanghai center for Plant Stress Biology) or Prof. Michael Udvardi (Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation).
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Shaolun Yao, Chuan Jiang, Ziyue Huang, Ivone Torres-Jerez, Junil Chang, Heng Zhang, Michael Udvardi, Renyi Liu, and Jerome Verdier. "The Vigna unguiculata Gene Expression Atlas (VuGEA) from de novo assembly and quantification of RNA-seq data provides insights into seed maturation mechanisms." The Plant Journal 88, no. 2 (2016): 318-327.
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